Ultimate Guide: How to Add a Eufy Plug to Alexa

How to Add a Eufy Plug to Alexa

The Eufy Plug is a smart plug designed to give users control over their home appliances. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control their appliances with voice commands. The Eufy plug can also be controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This enables users to turn their appliances on and off from anywhere in the world. In addition, users can set on/off schedules and monitor energy usage. The best thing about this smart plug is that it also works with Alexa, making your life more comfortable. It also becomes essential to know how to add a Eufy plug to Alexa.


It also comes with built-in safety features, so users can be sure that their appliances always operate safely and efficiently. This is particularly useful for those who are away from home for extended periods, as they can ensure that their devices always operate safely and efficiently, even when they’re not present. It also offers peace of mind that users’ homes are secure, as they can easily check whether their appliances are turned off if they are away on vacation or business trips.


Features of Eufy Smart Plug

Eufy plugs are created to be easy to use and install. They feature voice control and built-in energy monitoring, allowing users to track energy usage and save money. They can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. The plugs are designed to make it easy to automate lights and other appliances, as well as monitor energy usage. This allows users to save time and money, as well as have more control over their homes. Users can save time and money by automating lights and other appliances.


There is no need to use the hubs for Eufy plugs. They can also keep track of energy usage and receive updates remotely with Eufy plugs, providing increased control and convenience. It easily works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Eufy plugs are Wi-Fi enabled, so they perfectly work with Alexa. You can also set schedules, and countdown timers, and control them remotely.


There is also an away mode option. Your Eufy Smart Plug can be controlled by the EufyHome app.


Power Usage

An easy way to determine how much power a device uses is to view its power usage. A calculator is also included to estimate the cost of using the device.


Set up a schedule

A lamp can be set to come on every day at 5:00 p.m., for instance.



This feature allows you to turn off the device after a specific amount of time.


Away Mode

  • When “Away mode” is enabled, the Eufy Smart Plug will turn on and off randomly.
  • According to the Eufy Smart Plug label, the output is rated at 120V at 15 amps (1800 watts), so it can control large appliances.


How to Add a Eufy Plug to Alexa

When you start the process of how to add a eufy to Alexa, there is a need for the Alexa app and the eufyHome app. It is a simple and quick process; you can complete it in a few minutes. Let us check its steps:


Download the EufyHome App

You can download eufyHome from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, sign in to your account or create your own if you haven’t already.


Add your eufy plug to the app

After this, you can tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner to add a device. Select “Smart Plug” and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your eufy plug to the app.


Enable the eufy skill in the Alexa app

To access “Skills & Games,” open the Alexa app and select it from the menu. Search for “EufyHome” and enable the skill. You will be prompted to sign in to your EufyHome account.


Discover Devices

In the Alexa app, you must select “Discover Devices” or ask Alexa to “discover devices”. Alexa will search for compatible devices on your network, including your Eufy plug.


Name Your device

Once Alexa discovers your Eufy plug, you will need to give it a name. For example, “Living Room Lamp” or “Bedroom Fan” or any other according to your preferences.


Control your eufy plug with Alexa

Your Eufy plug is now connected to Alexa. You can control it using voice commands. Try saying, “Alexa, turn on the room lamp” or “Alexa, turn off the bedroom fan.” By connecting the plug to Alexa, you can now control lights and appliances in your home. There is no need to get up or manually turn them on or off. This makes it easy to adjust lighting or manage energy usage without being physically near the plug.

The above steps are necessary how to add a Eufy plug to Alexa.


How to Set Up a Eufy Smart Plug

When you complete the process of how to add a Eufy plug to Alexa there is a need to set them up. It is also vital to follow all the steps perfectly so you can quickly complete them. Let’s check its steps:

  • eufyHome is available for download from your app store, and you can create an account if you haven’t already. This app is already available on Android and iOS devices.
  • Make sure the Eufy Smart Plug indicator light starts flashing after you plug it into a power outlet.
  • You can add devices by opening the EufyHome app and selecting the “Add Device” option.
  • Your Smart Plug can be connected to your Wi-Fi network by choosing “Socket” from the device types list.
  • Add a room name to your Smart Plug.
  • You’re ready! Smart Plugs can now be controlled with the eufyHome app or by voice commands if you have a smart speaker that supports voice commands.


By setting up your eufy Smart Plug, you can now control your devices remotely using your smartphone or voice commands. With a smart home setup, you can save money and energy.


Final Thoughts

It takes a few minutes to complete the How to Add Eufy Plug to Alexa. After this, you can also set up your Eufy plug . Now you can use it to make your life easier.

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