How to Download Alexa App to Window 10

How to Download Alexa App to Window 10

You can easily chat with Alexa directly with the help of your PC that has windows 10. Today you will learn how to install, customize, and use the Alexa Windows 10 app. You can do that after you Download Alexa App to Windows 10. 

You will easily be able to call on Amazon Alexa for windows 10 without an echo device nearby. The secret of this lies in Amazon’s Alexa app for windows. Through this app, you can easily summon Alexa either by clicking the button on-screen or just by saying that Alexa via hands-free mode. 

When Alexa will pop up, you will be able to ask various different questions. You also will be able to request the information, check your calendar and all the other personal devices and services. You also will be able to access different skills as well as tasks.  Now you will be able to use various options that will control the Alexa app. 


Why should you use Alexa when Cortana is available? 

There might be an Echo device that you would have been using from which you will be able to access the calendar, to-do list, and other information. Maybe you are going to find Alexa more helpful than Cortana. 

Or there may be times when you just want to use Alexa instead of Cortana. In order to use Alexa, you won’t need an echo device and you are only going to need an Amazon account. 


Let us now see how will you use an Amazon account in windows 10:

Well, you can easily download and install the Alexa app from the Microsoft store. The first time you are going to launch an app, you will be asked to set it up. After that click on the button to set up the Amazon Alexa.

After that sign in with your Amazon account. If you do not have one, then you can easily make one. After that click on the option of continuing in order to accept the terms and conditions. Well, after that click the option of continuing on the next screen. 

The app is going to ask your permission to let Alexa use the microphone. You need to click yes in order to accept. The next screen is going to ask if you want to use Alexa hands-free or by clicking on a button. 

The hands-free option is very easy as you will be able to trigger Alexa with the help of the voice. This is the same process as you do with the echo device. This is going to chew more battery than ever as the app is always listening. You can choose either option and you can always change it later in the app. 

In the final step, the screen is going to present you with three options that will be selected by default. You need to launch the app in order to sign in to the computer, allow the app sounds, and pin the app in the taskbar. You will easily be able to check any of the options that have just been mentioned and will also be able to change them later in the app. 

Then click the button in order to finish the setup. 

There will be a couple of messages that will appear to conform to two out of the three options. The first message is going to ask you for confirmation that you would want the Alex app to run when you log in to windows. After that, you need to click enable in order to confirm. 

The second message will ask you if you want to pin the app to the taskbar and then click yes. 

This is the way you will be able to Download Alexa App to Windows 10. 


What can you ask about the Alexa app?

In the Alexa app, you can request various things that you want to request from Alexa. You can ask for location-based information such as the weather or the local restaurants.  Then You can also request personal information such as the to-do lists and the appointments. 

Conduct research on general topics. You can easily request music and other content. Then you can tap into various Alexa skills as well. There are times when there are limitations and for example, you cannot ask Alexa to compose a text message or a new email.

You can easily ask the app to access your inbox in order to reply to an existing mail. 


In this way, you will be able to Download Alexa App for PC. If you are not able to resolve the issue, then you can get in touch with our Alexa Helpline experts. They will provide you with the best solutions!


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