How to Make Phone Calls with Amazon Alexa

How to Make Phone Calls with Alexa

Are you thinking about that can Alexa make phone calls with your voice command? Then the answer is yes, making calls through Alexa is possible. After reading this you will get to know how you can do this. Alexa is a virtual assistant that happily responds to voice commands. It works with an active internet connection. Alexa is quite advanced and has many skills that offer many functions, like playing audio, controlling smart homes, answering questions, and engaging with the services to keep you organized, informed, safe, connected, and entertained.


And also promote small tasks for example setting alarms and reminders for daily activities, making to-do lists, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news and much more. It is designed to be family-friendly and used for various purposes, and one of the most useful features is making phone calls through Alexa. When you will turn on this function, on your Alexa device. Then the device will only text your contacts who had the Alexa app on their smartphone. If you also want to enable this feature on Alexa, here are some steps to do so.


Methods for How to Make Phone Calls with Alexa:

Alexa is capable of performing many other tasks rather than controlling smart home appliances and setting timers. Calling through Alexa is very convenient. If you are working and your phone rings, then you can pick up the call or send a message to the person, just by giving the voice command instead of leaving your work. You can use your Alexa make phone calls, follow the below steps to do so.


Connect Alexa to your Phone through the Alexa App:

In order to do so, first install the Alexa App on your phone. And also make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the app. If you do not have the latest version, then download it from the play store or the app store. And then pair your phone with Alexa and follow the below steps:

  • Launch the Alexa App on your phone and go to the device.
  • Then click on the option Echo & Alexa and choose your device.
  • After this, tap on Bluetooth devices and then pair a new device.


Confirm the Number:

After downloading the newest version of the app, a prompt will appear to confirm the phone number. Enter your phone number, then Amazon will send you 6 digits code to make sure that the phone number is yours. Fill in the code in the respective place, and your number will be confirmed.


Find Who Can Talk to You:

Open the Alexa app and tap on the communicate icon, located at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the person icon, at the top right corner of the page. And then a list of your contacts will appear, this contact list should be shorter than your actual existing contact list so pay attention to whom you can call. To call any person from the list, take his or her name and select the call. And if you want to give a voice command to Alexa, then simply say, “Alexa, call Priya!”


Answer the Call on the Phone or Alexa:

After selecting all the contacts, when you call the person whom you are trying to reach hear the phone ring, and on the Echo devices, they have connected with their account. So, if you call your friend, her phone will ring and the Alexa is placed in the kitchen. And if you want to receive the call, simply say, “Alexa, answer the call” to pick up the call and then you can talk to the person. And when you are done chatting, give the “Alexa, hang up the call” command to Alexa and it will cut the call. Or if you want to leave a message rather than picking up the call then say, “Alexa, send a message to Priya” and speak the message you want to send, and then Alexa will do it for you.


When you Miss a Call Through Alexa:

If you have missed a call or someone leaves a message, the Echo device will illuminate the green light on the ring. Or if you want to listen to the sent message then simply say, “Alexa, play my messages.” And Alexa can also convert your voicemail into words so that you can read the transcription of the message on your device instead of listening to it on the Amazon Echo device and Alexa make phone calls.


Alexa Can’t Do Everything

Alexa and the connected devices have some limitations. It is capable of making phone calls and can perform many tasks, but there are also a few types of phone calls that Alexa can’t make. And Alexa also can’t call 911 or any other emergency service numbers. When you make any calls to the emergency number, then these services need to know where you are or you might think that Alexa knows that.


This functionality on the Amazon Echo device isn’t foolproof enough to make any emergency calls. Alexa also can’t call on any pricey 1-900 numbers, directory assistance, and information lines of 211, 411, or “star-88 on any cell phone. And Alexa also won’t call on international numbers and does not even respond to any international calls or other


Sum Up:

Certainly, this will help you with How to Make Phone Calls with Alexa? Calling someone through Alexa is a great way to save time. Follow the above methods, step by step to enable the Alexa make phone calls feature on your Amazon Echo device. If your internet connection is weak or slow, then you will not be able to make phone calls through Alexa. You can also visit the official website of Amazon Echo to know the way how to do so. To call through Alexa you need to call the exact name, that is on your contact list, so make sure that you remember what name is saved on your contact list.


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