Alexa Skills Not Working: 12 Ways To Troubleshoot

Alexa Skills Not Working

There are more than 100,000 skills which makes Alexa a powerful platform. There are sometimes when you will face the issue of Alexa skills not working.


The server which will be powering the skill might have faced some difficulty. There might also be some kind of difficulty with the way the Skill has been implemented with the smart home feature.


If you see that the Alexa Skill is not working, then we have lined up some of the fixes that can help you out.


12 Ways To Troubleshoot: Alexa Skills Not Working

When your Alexa Skills not working then follow the below troubleshooting methods.


Make Sure your Alexa is Connected to Wi-Fi

The Amazon Echo needs Wi-Fi to work in the right manner. If your devices are not connected to the Wi-Fi, then Amazon Skills are not going to work as Amazon can’t process your voice command.


Ensure the use of the correct Activation Phrase

There are many Alexa Skills that have various activation phrases. When you see that the Alexa skill is not working as you expect, then you need to make sure that you are using the correct activation phrase.

Well, for example, the food network kitchen skill is something that can be activated in three separate ways.

  • Alexa open a food network kitchen
  • Alexa, show me cooking classes from the food network kitchen.
  • Alexa, show my saved recipes from the food network kitchen.


Alexa Skill Activated with Parental Permission:

There are some Alexa Skills that just cannot be activated without having any kind of parental permission.

When you are using the skill and it is asking for parental permission, you have to enable it from your home screen. This is very true when it is mentioned in regard to child-focused skills.


Enable the Skills From the Skills Menu

There are some cases where the Alexa skills might have been disabled. When this happens, you would have to re-enable the skill from the skills menu. This might help you resolve the issue of Alexa Skills Not Working.


Need to re-install the Skill

If there is a skill that has worked for most of the part and has stopped suddenly, then there are some errors that may have taken place. These can be fixed by disabling the skill and then enabling it again.


When you disable the skill, it will unlink from the account. After that, you need to enable the skill, and then re-link it. When you do this is going to correct most of the issues.


Used the Correct Profile with Amazon Account

If there are multiple profiles in the Amazon account, then every profile is going to use some different skills. If you see that the device is not responding at all, when you try to activate the skill, then you need to make sure that you are using the correct profile.


Make Sure to Re-Enable the Skill in the Device

There are many Amazon skills that are linked with specific devices. If the skill is not at all responsive, then you need to go into the devices menu of the Alexa app. After that disable the and then re-enable the relevant device.


Reinstall the Device If needs

Well, if the disabling is not working, then you must remove it from the account completely. You can easily do this by opening the device settings and then tapping the trash can in the top-right corner of the screen.


When you remove the device, you need to add it again to the Amazon account. Then there will be a fresh installation that is going to resolve the issues that arise.


Update the Firmware

There are some Alexa skills that are not available until the echo hardware is undergoing a firmware update.


If there are any connected devices, then it is going to check for updates automatically. What you can do is go for the force firmware update that is going to help bring our echo in line with the firmware version that is a must-have.


For doing this, you need to press the mute button on the echo. It is going to take you anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Although Alexa is going to announce she needs to perform the update.


When this is complete, the hardware is going to restart and will no longer be muted. Well, of course, this is going to work only if the firmware updates are available.


Done the Complete Skill Process

The Alexa skill can also be custom-made with the help of the skill blueprint system. Well, it is also possible without having to update the account. This is also because of adding it to the list of active skills.


If the skills are custom-made and are not working, then make sure that it has been completed within the system.


Create the Voice Profile

There are some people that might be able to encounter a more confusing issue. Well, Alexa might not seem to understand what they might have been saying. When this happens, you will be able to train Alexa for recognizing the voice.


You need to go to the settings and then to the account settings. From there you need to click recognized voices. And then at last select the option of managing voice profiles.


From this screen, you will be able to choose the skills and delete the voice profile. You will be able to match the voice profiles for speaking a series of phrases. Now, Alexa is going to understand you better.


Alexa Setup Helpline

Last but not the least, you need to choose the option of contacting the Alexa Setup helpline. This is when you are not able to resolve the issue. They are experienced and the professional expert will provide you with the best solutions!



What types of Devices do Customers use the Alexa Skill?

Well, the Alexa can be used to fire TV cubes, Echo Shows, Echo buds, Echo, and the echo auto. It can also be used on third-party devices that are Alexa enabled. There are some people who are purchasing 100 of them and have been building Alexa skills for expanding their reach.


How Alexa Skill Work?

Alexa skill is an interaction model that is based on the voice user interface. When there is any interaction with the skill, Alexa processes the context and is also going to determine the request.
It is also going to use artificial technology, automatic speech recognition, and natural language understanding.


Issues connecting with Amazon Account with Alexa Skill?

Well, you can use the option of account linking for connecting the Amazon account. Well, first of all, you need to check all the authorization server logos. Then after that, also check the AcceptGrant response.


Then you need to test and see if the authorization server can easily refresh this access or not.


How to enable Alexa skills without the app?

You do not have to enable the Alexa skills manually in order to use them. You just need to tell Alexa to open the new skill and you can enable it with the help of a single voice command.


Facing a Problem with Alexa Say” Sorry I’m having trouble accessing your Skill”?

This is the error that might occur when the Echo device has some trouble contacting the Amazon server. This is the reason why it is unable to understand the voice commands. Your voice commands.


It can also be due to the lost wireless connection or when the internet is down (Read the part here: Alexa Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Problem).

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