Why is the Echo Show Video Not Working? How to Fix it?

Echo Show Video Calling Not Working

If you are not aware of how to fix the Echo Show video not working problem, then you have arrived at the right place. At the end of this post, you are not just going to learn how to fix the issue, but will also get to know the steps that many of the users are unaware of.


The issues with the video on the Echo Show are related to software bugs, power issues, or if there are any glitches.


In order to fix the Echo Show Video Not Working issue, then you need to try to repair the device by using the phone.


Make sure that the video is turned on and enabled. Well, you can also have a repairing issue or any bad hardware issue.


Well, it does not matter where the issue is from and this article will help you resolve the issue.


Let us first understand the reasons why Echo Show Video Calling Not Working.


Reason: Why is Echo Show Video Calling Not Working?

If the app you are talking through is having any issues, then the video calling is also not going to work. There are many users who are using the echo show and they have to use the Alexa app as well. This will provide the smart home Alexa devices to work.


If you have more than one Alexa-powered device in your home, then you will be able to use the device whenever you want. But there is a condition that you have access to the device separately.


Let us check the reasons why you are facing the issue of Echo Show Video Calling Not Working.


Software Bug issues

  • There is a big cache memory or faulty data that might be triggering the Echo Show video calling.
  • These are the issues that can be resolved through a simple factory reset. Well, as an easier option, the hard reset is also going to come in handy.


Power loading Problem

  • If you have not restarted the Echo Show in a while, then there may be some power difficulties. This is why the option of video call is not working.
  • This is going to lead to the instant power down and this is going to stop the device from being turned off till further notice. You can try to reset or power cycle the device in order to make sure that everything is fine.


Internet Loses Connection

  • As has been already said above, there is a need for an internet connection so that you can make video calls or online voice calls. You can test your interest by checking out other devices. Make sure that it is working.
  • You can resolve this issue by power cycling the router.


Pairing the Device problem:

  • When you are not able to join any video calls by using your Echo, it must be the fault of your smartphone.
  • When you see that your phone is not able to join the call itself, then the Echo might not be able to join as well. The best we can advise you is to repair the devices and then see if they are going to work.


Hardware Problem

  • If there is some issue with the CPU of the Echo, it might be unable to load any of the videos. Before you proceed any further, you must know how to enable the option of video calling on Echo Show in the first place.
  • The video calls are started with a voice command. So you must command an Alexa video call. This will start your video call.


How to Fix: Echo Show Video Calling Not Working?

Make sure to follow methods strictly to make sure that there are software or hardware issues.


Step1: Reboot the Echo device

This is the first and the easiest step to perform. Before you go to any complex step, you need to try this. Sometimes the issues are easy to resolve by power cycle and you do not have to make more effort in the troubleshooting


Step2: Need to check the Internet Connection

  • Without an internet connection, you will not be able to perform any online action. This includes video calls and all the video playouts.
  • A good internet connection makes the video move on the internet. Thus, you must ensure that your network is fully functional.


Step3: Keep the Echo device in Wi-Fi range

  • One of the other and yet easy ways to fix the Echo Show’s lack of the internet is to move the Echo closer to the router.
  • If the internet connection is at the base of the issue, then there might be some lack of range between the echo and your PC. Make sure that the Echo show is in the considerable range with the router, and then try to video call.


Step4: Make Re-pair Echo device with Smartphone

  • If there is an issue with your smartphone, then you will face the issue of Echo Show Video Calling Not Working. And you will also not be able to display any of the videos. The thing that we can do is repair the smartphone with the Echo.
  • You just need to go to the Bluetooth options. Then disable the feature and then enable it again.
  • Your smartphone must have internet connectivity if you want to Echo features to work significantly.


Step5: Reset the Factory

  • Well, if you think nothing has helped you so far, then the last option that you have is to factory reset the device. A factory reset is going to erase all the configurations and settings that are made on your Echo.
  • So, you need to make sure to first save anything you want to keep deleted before confirming the process.


Step6: Alexa Help expert

If you are not able to resolve the issues, then you can also get in touch with the expert. They are professional with experienced and will provide you with the best solutions.


In Last Words

Now that you know the reasons behind the Echo Show Video Not Working and how to resolve them, then you can easily enjoy a smooth video experience.

If the issue is still there, then there can be other issues and you need to get in touch with the amazon experts.


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