How to make Video Call on Alexa Echo Show

How to make Video Call on Alexa Echo Show

If you are using amazon echo in your home, then you must know how useful the device can really be. There are various features that you get on echo and video calls on Alexa Echo Show is one of them

It is very easy as you can easily make phone calls as well as video calls. You can use this feature and pick the call even if you do not have an Alexa device. Although there are many people who might not know the process behind the video call.

They can get in touch with our experts who have the technical knowledge to help you out. They are trained and are 100 percent certified as well as verified to help you out. In order to get in touch with us, you can contact Alexa Helpline.

There are going to be users who will try and resolve the issue on their own.


Follow the Steps to know How to Make Video Call on Alexa Echo Show:

The first thing you need to do is give Alexa access to your contacts. Head over the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android phone and tap the Calling & Messaging tab on the bar at the bottom of the screen. If you haven’t already enabled it, the app will ask permission to access your contacts and register your phone number. 


Once you finish, you’ll instantly be able to call and message your friends and family who have Echo devices. Then, placing a call is as simple as asking Alexa to call someone. For example, if you want to call your mom, just say, “Alexa, call mom.”


What if the person I want to call doesn’t have an Echo?

If you try to call someone who has an Echo, Alexa will automatically ring it (assuming they’ve also signed up for calling and messaging in their Alexa app).

Recipient doesn’t have an Echo device, Alexa will do one of two things: call the Alexa app on their phone, or dial the number associated with the contact. If there are multiple numbers attached to a contact, it will ask which one you want to call. Then say, “mobile” or “home phone,” and Alexa will dial the appropriate number.


  1. From your Echo Show device, ask Alexa to call one of your contacts.
  2. The person who you are calling will see an image/card of you with the option to accept or reject the call by tapping on their Echo Show home screen buttons or by saying “Alexa answer” or “Alexa ignore.”
  1. When the call starts, say “video on” or press the video camera icon on the screen.
  2. If at any point you want to turn off the video only, you can say “video off”. Or press the video camera icon again.
  3. When you are ready to hang up, say “Alexa hang up.”
  4. So easy, right? Any of your contacts who also have an Amazon Echo device with communication preferences enabled will be able to hear your voice during a call and if they use an Echo Show or the Alexa app on their smartphone, they can engage in a video call with you if they so choose.


The other neat trick you can do with Echo is to use an Alexa-specific feature called Drop-In. Drop-in can be used within your own home between multiple Echos as a sort of intercom system, where you could say “Alexa, drop in on Amy’s room” so you can let Amy know that she still needs to do the dishes.

Alternatively, if your friends or family have the Drop-In feature enabled on their Echo devices and opt to accept Drop In calls from you, you can ask Alexa to “drop in on mom”. So that you can check-in and make sure your mother is doing okay.

If you are still not able to make a video call on Alexa Echo Show, then you can get in touch with our executives as they are going to help you enable the video call feature. 

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