Step-by-Step Guide – How to Fix Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive

Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive

Have you ever encountered Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive? If so, have you been able to resolve the unresponsive issue? If the answer to this is no, then you arrive at the right place.


Here you will learn some problem-solving ways to rectify the same issue. Amazon smart plug allows you to control lights, fans, coffee makers, and more, by using your voice.


And you can also control them manually when you are away. A smart plug is a simple and efficient way to bring smart home functionality to your home.


For that, the smart plug must be responsive enough to perform its functions properly. Using Alexa for home automation is one of the most prevalent ways to manage your smart plugs.


But sometimes, users encounter that the thing is not going to plan. Facing a problem like this is quite frustrating, as when the smart plug is not responding, the situation becomes problematic.


And there could be numerous reasons, which can lead to the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue. However it does not matter, what the causes are, it is required to fix this problem as quickly as possible.


If you are unable to fix this on your own, then here are some troubleshooting steps to do the same. Simply go through the below methods to rectify the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive.


What Causes Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive Issues?

Before identifying and implementing an efficient and adequate solution, it is required to get familiar with the underlying cause of the problem.


Because when we know the underlying cause of the problem, then it becomes more straightforward to recognize and implement an efficient and adequate resolution.


The following are some common causes for the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue.

  • Faulty power outlet.
  • Connection fails with the device.
  • Incorrectly plugged into the socket.
  • Setup errors.
  • Faulty WiFi connection.
  • Multiple devices are connected to the router.
  • Weak and unstable internet connection.
  • Outdated software.


Methods to Troubleshoot the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive Issue

As now you know, what are the causes of the same problem, now it is time to resolve it as quickly as possible. Fixing Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue is not a challenging task, it is much simpler than you think.


If you don’t know how to do so, then obey the following steps to rectify this unresponsive smart plug.


Power Cycle your Amazon Smart Plug

Whenever you encounter any technical issue, then the first and foremost step is to power cycle the device. Doing this gives a fresh start to the device, and also fixes issues, which is making the smart plug unresponsive.


Power cycling the smart plug includes turning it off and then on back. You can Follow the below steps to do it as the same.

  • Turn off the power switch, if it has a switch.
  • If not, then simply unplug it from the outlet.
  • Then wait for at least a minute.
  • After this, plug it into the power source back.
  • Or if it has a power button, then turn it on.
  • Now your plug is successfully reset.


Check the Power Supply

One of the simplest reasons for the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue is, that it is not getting enough power or it is off. If your smart plug has a switch, then it is possible that it might get pressed accidentally, and turned off.


So, in this, check outlet is on and if it does not have a switch, then plugging it back might be helpful to fix the problem. This problem also occurs due to a tripped circuit breaker.


The most simple way to ensure this is, to plug something else in the same outlet like a lamp, to ensure that it is providing power. If the lamp won’t turn on, then the problem is a lack of power on the outlet, not the smart plug.


Restart the Router

You should also try to restart the router, this might be more than enough to get rid of the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive. Accomplishing this will revitalize the network connection.


You can also try to move the router closer to the device. So, be sure to adjust the router connection, improve signal strengths, and limit minor programming to avoid unresponsive smart plug issues.


Connect to the Right Frequency

After restarting the router, make sure you are connected to the right frequency. The Amazon smart plug works on 2.4 GHz only and does not support 5 GHz.


So, don’t wait for your device to connect with the app or voice assistant if it is connected to the wrong channel.


And placing many gadgets that operate on the same frequency can cause interference issues, which leads to the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue.


Update your Amazon Smart Plug

Like any other smart device, the Amazon smart plug has firmware in it. The firmware is a type of software, that is attached directly to pieces of software.


And it is frequently updated by the manufacturer to fix bugs and increase security and performance. So, if your device is running into an old firmware.


So, in this, you need to ensure that your device is updated to its latest version. If not, then update the firmware, by following the below steps.

  • Open the Alexa App on your Phone.
  • Then click on “Devices”, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • After this, choose “Plugs” and then “Amazon Smart Plug.”
  • Now choose “About to see your device’s software version.
  • And then visit its official website and check for any new software version for your Amazon Plug.
  • If you see that the plug has an older version installed, it needs to be updated.


Update Alexa App

Once you have successfully updated the Amazon smart plug firmware, then also update the Set Up Alexa app. So, if you face any issues with your Alexa app, then it will affect the smart plug.


It stops working when your app is not updated to its latest version. The Alexa app is designed to be updated on its own when it is connected to WiFi.


But when it does not, then you can update it, by visiting the Google Play Store, or the App Store. If updating the app does not help you out. Then jump to the further steps.


Check the Power Outlet

You may encounter the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue, if the power outlet, into which the smart plug is plugged, provides less or no electrical supply than the required amount


Then it will not be able to control it from your mobile or Echo speaker & display. So, to make sure whether the power outlet is working or not.


Try to plug it into another wall outlet and see if it works again. If so, the problem is with the wall outlet. The following are some signs, that tell you to replace your wall outlet.

  • Smell smoke and see a spark in the outlet.
  • The cover of the power outlet is cracked.
  • When the outlet is loose.
  • The outlet feels hot to the touch.


Reset the Amazon Smart Plug

If none of the above steps are helping you in fixing the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive. Then there is another technique to rectify this problem is to factory reset the smart plug.


Doing this will delete the device from your Alexa account and also remove all your settings. Here is how to factory reset the Amazon smart plug.

  • To do this, firstly, make sure that the plug is turned on.
  • Then press and hold the button on the smart plug for about 12 seconds.
  • After this, when the LED light on the smart plug will start to flicker.
  • The reset has been successfully done, as indicated by the flickering LED light.

Once you have successfully reset the smart plug, now it is time to set up the device again in the Alexa app. Follow the steps to do the same.

  • Plug your device into the power outlet, and also make sure it is turned on.
  • Then open the Alexa app on your phone, and click on the “Devices” option, located at the lower bottom of the screen.
  • After this, click on plus (+) icon and then on the “Add Devices” option.
  • Now choose your plug and go through the on-screen instructions in the Alexa App to set up your device.


Sum up

Certainly, these above instructions will help you in resolving the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive problem. Follow the above steps as given to rectify the same problem.


So, before asking for assistance from someone else, try to go through the above easy and effective troubleshooting steps to rectify the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive issue.


If even after following the above problem-solving solutions, you are unable to fix this same problem. Then in this, you might need some technical expert assistance.


Try to get in touch with Amazon smart plug experts, they will provide you with full assistance and also help you in rectifying the Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive problem.


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