How to Add a Sengled Smart Light Bulb to Alexa Echo Device

How to Add a Sengled Smart Light Bulb to Alexa

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs are LED bulbs that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet. They can be used to create mood lighting, set schedules, and be integrated with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These bulbs are energy efficient and can save up to 85% of the energy consumed by traditional bulbs. They also have a long life span and you don’t have to replace them frequently. It is also crucial to know how to add a Sengled smart light bulb to Alexa.


Additionally, they can be used to create dynamic lighting effects that can be changed with voice commands from Alexa. Moreover, these LED bulbs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for creating a modern and efficient home lighting system. You can easily use it with your Alexa device. Users must learn how to add a Sengled smart light bulb to Alexa.


A Sengled account is required to hook up your ZigBee and Wi-Fi bulb models to Alexa. A Bluetooth device can also be connected directly to a computer via Bluetooth. Here you can find all the information and methods to connect the Sengled smart bulb to Alexa.


Methods To Connect Sengled Bulb to Alexa

Setting up the Sengled Home app and testing their response are the first steps to connecting your ZigBee or Wi-Fi smart bulbs with Alexa. You now need to enable the Sengled skill on Alexa and link your accounts. Add your devices to your respective rooms after discovering them. Alexa works directly with Sengled Bluetooth models without requiring the Sengled Bluetooth app. You can easily manage with Sengled lights to Alexa :

  • Using compatible voice commands, you can operate the devices.
  • Your smart lights can be controlled from a central location.
  • Make Alexa’s routine more efficient by integrating lights.
  • You can control lights connected to the Internet, including Bluetooth ones, remotely.

To add ZigBee and Wi-Fi models to Alexa, make sure they are configured on the Sengled Home app For devices to be added, you need to download the Sengled Home app from your respective store, create a Sengled account, and verify it. It is also necessary to remember the password because Alexa needs to be linked.


Method to Link From the Alexa App

You can test Alexa’s response to some general requests by downloading the Alexa app, setting up an account, and adding an Alexa-enabled device. It is now possible to connect Alexa and Sengled systems.

  • You can open the Alexa app by clicking here.
  • From the menu at the bottom, tap More
  • Go to the More tab and select “Skills & Games”
  • You can search for Sengled Home by tapping the Search bar and typing it in. Identify Sengled skills by using the Sengled logo.
  • Now you can tap the “Enable to Use” button on the skill window.
  • Enter the credentials for your Sengled account.
  • Enter all the necessary details and click on the Continue button.
  • You can discover your Sengled devices after connecting your account and clicking the “Close” button.
  • Alexa can be added to Sengled devices by clicking the “Discover Devices” button. It may take up to 45 seconds to complete this process.
  • Rooms can be created based on the discovered devices. Alexa will find your lights, then you can add them to a fitting room by tapping the “Setup Room” button.
  • When Alexa finds no new devices, it returns a false message. The light will go out if you command Alexa, “Alexa, turn off all the lights.” If it doesn’t, Alexa will add it to your list. You can find it under the Devices tab.


The device reference name can be edited so that Alexa commands are easier to understand. You need to change your light’s name. After this, you can choose it from the Devices tab and click on the Settings gear. It is time to change the name and save it. It is also imperative to complete all the steps on how to add a Sengled smart light bulb to Alexa.


Method To Link From the Sengled App

You can also use the Sengled Home app to link Sengled to Alexa. After this, you can add the Wi-Fi or ZigBee lights to your Sengled Home app. There is also a need to set up your Alexa account.

  • You need to open the Sengled Home app on your mobile device.
  • From the bottom menu, select “Settings”
  • Here you can choose the “Works with Alexa” option.
  • You can link your Alexa account by clicking the “Allow” button.
  • You can link your accounts by clicking the “Link” button. By doing so, you will be able to use Sengled Home skills and connect your account to Alexa.
  • Link your Alexa account by entering your credentials. Now that your accounts are connected, you can log in.
  • Your Alexa device can be used to discover devices. Alexa-enabled devices can be discovered by running “Alexa, discover devices”.
  • There is also an option for you to customize your smart lights.
  • Select the light(s) from the device tab and add them to their respective Alexa rooms once they have been added to Alexa.
  • Be sure to change their names to ones that are easy to pronounce.


Method To Connect Sengled Bluetooth Bulb to Alexa

Alexa-compatible devices can be directly connected to Sengled Bluetooth bulbs. The Sengled model does not require a hub. It is important to note that you can only connect Sengled Bluetooth lights with one app. You can use either the Bluetooth Connected app or the Alexa app. Alexa cannot be connected to your lights if they are connected to the Sengled Bluetooth app.

  • When connecting the light bulbs, make sure you’re within Bluetooth range. You can also update your Alexa app and device. When you connect the light to Alexa, it will be in pairing mode, and the bulb will flash three times. It may not happen sometimes, so it needs to be reset in setup mode.
  • You can open the Alexa app and from the bottom menu, select Devices.
  • Adding a device is as simple as hitting the “+ icon” > Add Device.
  • Light can be selected from the list of device categories because to select Sengled, scroll down.
  • When asked if your Sengled Light has a Bluetooth logo, tap “Yes.” to confirm.
  • Let Alexa find your light by discovering it.
  • You can customize a room by adding light. Connect your Sengled light to a room by tapping “Setup Room” once it is found by Alexa. Choose a more appropriate light name and save it.

An Alexa-enabled Sengled Bluetooth light can be powered by a standard light fixture and connected to Sengled Bluetooth. When the pairing mode flashes three times, it has entered pairing mode. Use the “Alexa, discover devices” command. After Alexa finds the lights, customize them and add them to rooms. All these steps are important for how to add a Sengled smart light bulb to Alexa.


Final Words

It is a simple process to add your Sengled smart light bulb to your Alexa. You can use the above-mentioned steps how to add a Sengled smart light bulb to Alexa. It is also important for you to follow all the steps accordingly.

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