How to Change Alexa’s Name (Wake Word)?

How to Change Alexa Name

Want to know How to change Alexa name? i.e., wake word. Changing the Amazon Echo name is quite easy. Alexa is a virtual assistant controlled by voice and happily responds to the voice command. It has many skills that offer many functions, like playing audio, controlling smart homes, answering questions, and engaging with the services to keep you organized, informed, safe, connected, and entertained. Amazon Echo device is designed to be family-friendly and used for various purposes, and it works with an active internet connection.


And also promote small tasks for example setting alarms and reminders for daily activities, making to-do lists, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news and much more. Here are some steps, in order to change the wake word of Alexa. The default name of the Amazon Echo device is Alexa, which responds only when you give any voice command to it. At times, TV or radio sounds can trigger it and might cause some confusion. Follow the below given methods to change the Alexa wake word.


Methods for How to Change Alexa Name:

If you do not want to use ‘Alexa’ as a wake word anymore, then you can prefer to change the name of the Alexa to another name according to your choice. Usually, the name of the Amazon virtual assistant is Alexa. However, you can change it to other names/words. Here are some steps to change the Alexa name on the Amazon Echo device. Follow the below steps in order to change the Alexa name.


Steps1: To Change the Alexa Name With a Voice Command:

Go through these steps to change the Alexa name, just by giving a voice command to the Alexa.

  • Give the “Alexa, change my wake word” command to Alexa.
  • And then Alexa will reply “I can help you change the wake word for this device. Should we do that now?”
  • Simply say, yes and proceed further.
  • Then it will show you these available options, “Amazon,” “Computer,” “Ziggy,” or “Echo.”
  • Choose the name you like best, after switching the wake word.
  • And when you next time change the wake word then Alexa will appear as one of the options.
  • Once you have changed the wake word, then Alexa will say that “Okay, you can call me (wake word) on this device in a few seconds.”
  • Lastly, use the wake word that you change, to ensure that the name has changed.

If you want to change the voice of Alexa, then give the “Alexa, change your voice” command. And after this, Alexa will respond in a more masculine voice. Once you have done this, the Alexa app will register the change.


Methods to Change Alexa Name Through Mobile:

If you want to change the wake word on Alexa through mobile, follow the below steps to do so.

  • Open the Alexa App on your phone.
  • Go to the option devices and click on Echo and Alexa.
  • Then click on the wake word and it will show other wake words and the current wake word as well.
  • After this click on the wake word that you want to set. You have to choose between Alexa, Amazon, Ziggy, and Echo.
  • And then a prompt will pop up, to tell you that this process will take a few minutes. Tap on the ok button to continue.
  • And all the changes will be saved, then a new name will appear on the wake word tab.
  • Use the new name that you set to ensure that it works.


Steps1: To Change the Accent of the Alexa:

If you are using Alexa on several devices and want to differentiate between which device is responding. Changing the voice accent in the devices is the best option, follow the below steps to do so.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your phone, and click on Alexa devices.
  • Then visit the device in which you want to respond in a different accent.
  • And scroll down and tap on the languages.
  • Select the accent from the drop-down menu.
  • After this, click on the option save changes, in order to complete the action.


Steps2: To Change Alexa Name on kindle fire HD Tablet:

If you are using the kindle fire device as your Echo device, then it promotes a feature that lets you pick a different wake word for the Echo device. Follow the below device to do so.

  • Go to the settings of the kindle fire.
  • Then go to the device and then tap on Alexa.
  • After this, choose the wake word from the menu.
  • Click on Amazon to set it as a new wake word for the Echo device.
  • There are only two options available on the kindle fire tablet, i.e., Alexa and Amazon. Whereas iPhones and android offer more options for the wake word.


Simple Ways to Change the Name on the Alexa Profile:

Looking for a way to change the name on the profile of Alexa. Follow the below methods in order to change the wake word on the Alexa profile.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Go to the communication tab, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then on the top right corner, tap on the profile icon.
  • After this tap on my communication settings, and click on edit.
  • And then enter the name of your new profile.
  • Click on save, located in the top right corner to record all the changes.


Sum Up:

Certainly, the above methods will help you with How to change Alexa name? Follow these methods carefully, to change the Alexa wake word. You can do it in two ways, i.e., by giving the voice command to Alexa or by doing it manually. Changing the wake word of Alexa is straightforward. You cannot set custom names for the virtual assistants, you have to choose between the in-built wake word options for Alexa. It is a smart device and also offers small tasks. Changing the wake word on the Echo is not a tough task. You can easily do it, just by following a few simple steps.


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