How To Connect Wyze Plug To Alexa Device

How To Connect Wyze Plug To Alexa

Are you looking for “How To Connect Wyze Plug To Alexa smart Speaker device?” You’ve reached the correct screen. The following guide explains how to connect Wyze plug to Alexa step-by-step.


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What Is A Wyze Smart Plug?

With Wyze Plug, you can control your home using your voice. By integrating Wyze smart plugs with Alexa, you can turn things on and off using your voice.


You can turn your room’s lights on and off with Amazon Alexa, for instance. It requires an Internet connection to set up a Wyze smart and to use all its features.


Reason For Wyze Plug Not Working With Alexa?

It may be difficult for you to connect your Wyze Plug for the following reasons:

  • A bug or glitch in the app or device.
  • Wi-Fi or Internet signal is weak.
  • You haven’t turned on Bluetooth or location.
  • The frequency of your router is 5GHz.


How To Connect Wyze Plug To Alexa? Best Solutions

Follow the instructions step by step to connect the Wyze plug to Alexa without causing any errors or problems. In order to avoid the same error screening on your device, make sure that you follow the guidelines strictly. If not, you may experience the same problem.


Set Up the Wyze Skill

In order to use Alexa with your Wyze account, you must first link your Wyze account to Alexa. Follow the steps below to Set Up the Wyze Skill:

  • You should install the Wyze app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • When you see the account tab at the bottom of the Wyze app once you open it.
  • You will need to click on Smart integrations, then you will see an option that allows you to link with Alexa.
  • There are two places where you can download the Alex app. The Apple Store and the Google Play Store or visit alexa. to get it. Using the Wyze app, you can connect Alexa with Wyze.


The above steps can be overwhelming for some people. Therefore, if you find all that hassle too much, you can ask Alexa to help you link your Wyze account with the Alexa App.


  • Ask Alexa to enable Wyze Account: Alexa will enable Wyze for you if you say “Enable Wyze skill.” You can authorize Alexa to access your camera by using your username and password. Next, help Alexa find it.
  • Add the device: Unless you help Alexa locate your camera, it won’t locate it. Now option to select “Add Device,” and also add your camera. Alternatively, Alexa can find it for you. You can find your camera by simply saying, “Discover my devices.”


Alexa will discover your camera once it has been discovered. If your internet speed is good, it shouldn’t take less than a minute to complete. Your camera will be listed under “Devices” in the smart “Home” section of Alexa once it is found by Alexa.


Use The Different Voice Commands

Your home can be controlled remotely by a voice command after you connect your Wyze Smart Plug correctly. All Wyze Plugs can be remotely turned on or off and their status can be checked.


Alexa voice commands: You can begin using voice commands once you’ve connected Wyze Smart Plug to Alexa. As an example, you could turn on the lights while lying in bed.


How To Edit Wyze Smart Plug Name?

It is possible that Alexa has difficulty hearing the name of your plug. Your Wyze Smart Plug’s name can be easily edited.


The Wyze app allows you to rename the plug directly. You can select the Settings icon. It is in the top right corner of the “Home Tab” of the app.


You must enable your Amazon device to rediscover the Wyze Smart Plug after updating its name. Alexa will then display the updated name.


Rename The Plug Name Through Alexa App

The Alexa app or are other options for renaming your plug’s name. You can use the Alexa app or to access Alexa. You can find the Wyze Plug within the Smart Home section of the Alexa app.


Then tap edit and change the name. You can also keep the plug’s name the same on Wyze while changing its name for Alexa references.


Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Enter the password to access the site.
  • Select the menu
  • And then select the “Smart Home.”
  • Click Add Device on the Devices tab.


You will see your new Plug name when you view your devices when Alexa discovers them. Lastly, Alexa may not respond at times. This issue can be resolved by:


  • Starting your Wi-Fi again,
  • Changing the password, or
  • Reset the device.
  • Check your cable connections,
  • Passwords should be entered correctly.


In The Bottom Line

You will hopefully find this article helpful in learning how to connect Wyze plug to Alexa. Is the shared solution helpful to you? We are exactly looking for this. Now, you can freely give commands to Alexa. You can turn off any switch even from your room to your garden.


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