Can Alexa Play YouTube? If Yes, Get the Best Method Here

Can Alexa play Youtube

Can Alexa Play YouTube Music?

Amazon Alexa users already know that “Alexa can’t play YouTube directly, but make the Bluetooth to pair a device with Smart Alexa-enabled speakers and easily to play YouTube”.


Although Alexa can make playing songs and other audio very convenient, you’re limited to Amazon and certain services or radio stations for direct streaming.


Often, YouTube is the best source for listening to movie soundtracks or monologues, not Amazon Music. But Alexa can’t stream YouTube directly.


On Alexa, you can stream YouTube. The workaround utilizes Bluetooth and a personal device (For example, Mobile).


Your mobile device can be connected to Alexa, so you can play any audio from the app, but YouTube offers the most options.


What To Do When Alexa Can’t Play YouTube Video Directly?

To play YouTube videos on Alexa smart speaker, simply follow the steps below.

NOTE: Turn on your device’s BlueTooth.

Ask Alexa to pair your Bluetooth device.

See if you have an Alexa-enabled speaker on your device. Simply:

  • Navigate to the settings.
  • Once Bluetooth is selected, tap it.
  • When you’re ready to pair your device with Alexa, just tap on your Alexa-enabled speaker. The Bluetooth device should now appear as “Connected” in the Bluetooth pairing list.

Your device should be open to YouTube.

Hit play on the song you want. Your Echo speakers should play it.


Double-check that your phone is sharing media with your Alexa-enabled speaker if you aren’t hearing music on your speaker. Tap the share media icon (a rectangle with an arrow) on your device.


How to Play YouTube Videos On Alexa Echo Device?

Amazon Echo devices support a variety of audio content, including music and podcasts. YouTube videos cannot be played on an Amazon Echo through Alexa due to Amazon and Google’s ongoing battle.


Thanks to Alexa, it is still possible to play YouTube videos. Here’s how you can listen to YouTube audio on your Amazon Echo so you can enjoy YouTube-exclusive content or music. Your Echo Show can also play YouTube videos.


Play the YouTube on Alexa Echo through a Bluetooth-Paired Device

Unfortunately, Alexa cannot play YouTube videos by itself. The Echo can be used as a Bluetooth speaker if you pair your phone, tablet, or similar device with it. At this time, this is the best option because it isn’t as well-integrated as a complete connection to your YouTube account or a dedicated YouTube skill.


Get the Connect the Youtube to Alexa through Bluetooth

  • You can do this by saying, “Alexa, pair Bluetooth.” This will start the pairing process. Your phone’s Bluetooth pairing settings need to be opened next.
  • These can be found under Settings > Connected devices on Android. Your Echo should appear in the list after you hit Pair new device.
  • A Bluetooth device should appear under Settings > Bluetooth on an iPhone.
  • The Alexa speaker and your phone can be paired by tapping the name of your Echo speaker on either platform. Providing access to your contacts and call history is optional, but it can be beneficial if asked.


We couldn’t pair Alexa with any devices during our testing. If you hear this message, don’t worry. They paired successfully. You can play YouTube videos through Alexa as long as your phone is connected to your Echo.


Connect the Devices and Play YouTube Audio on Echo

  • In order to play audio through your Echo, you must pair your Echo with your phone. If you want to connect Bluetooth easily, you can say “Alexa, connect Bluetooth.”
  • Because it’s a previously paired device, your Echo will connect to your phone. A sound will be made by Alexa and she will say “Now connected to [Device Name]”.
  • You can also manually connect on your phone if that doesn’t work. You can connect your Echo by going to Settings > Connected devices and tapping its name. If you have many paired
  • devices, you may need to tap See all.
  • Tap your Echo’s name in Settings > Bluetooth on an iPhone to connect. We have an entire guide to using your Echo as a speaker if you need help.


Now, you are Ready to Play the YouTube Videos on Your Echo Smart device

  • You can start playing any audio or other media on your phone after connecting your phone and Echo speaker. Therefore, it works like any other “dumb” Bluetooth speaker.
  • Now you can play whatever you want through the YouTube app or website. It will be played from beginning to end by your Echo. YouTube videos cannot be viewed on the Echo, Echo Dot, or any other device without a screen that’s only a speaker. Audio will be the only thing you hear from the video, so it’s great for podcasts, speeches, or anything else where visuals aren’t important.
  • Turn the volume up on your phone and the Echo itself if you can’t hear the video. Echo models may not be able to play all videos, depending on their volume and the model of the Echo you have.
  • You can also use the menus mentioned above to access the disconnect option after you’re done playing the YouTube video on your Echo.


Limitations of the Echo or Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker

When you connect via Bluetooth, you can only use Echo voice commands. There are few options other than playing and pausing, skipping to the next or previous video, and adjusting the audio. While it’s not as good as native support, you can still search for specific videos with your voice, so it’s an improvement.


How to Play Youtube on Amazon Alexa Echo Show

Step1: Commands to Alexa Say, Echo, Show me Youtube”

When you ask Alexa for the first time, she will ask you what browser you want to use. You can choose between Amazon’s Silk or Mozilla’s Firefox.


Step2: Set the default browser

To open YouTube, tap a browser (you will not have to do this again in the future). You can also use YouTube TV if you prefer Firefox over Silk, since Firefox is one of the few browsers that supports YouTube TV outside of Chrome.


Stpe3: Sign in to the YouTube account

Your browser will then be opened directly to YouTube by Alexa. It’s up to you whether or not to sign in to your YouTube account.


Step4: Play a song or Video from Youtube

As a result, when you ask Alexa to open YouTube, the YouTube webpage will open on the Echo Show. Use your finger to sign in or navigate YouTube on the Echo Show like you would on a tablet. In this case, Alexa will do a search on YouTube and show a results page, which you can tap to play the video.


In last

I hope it will be helpful to you. Has Alexa been able to play YouTube for you? We really need something like this.


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