Reasons Behind Echo Dot Not Working

Reasons Behind Echo Dot not Working

We all are familiar with Echo Dot because just after the release of Amazon Echo devices, they gain so much hype and popularity and it’s all because of its virtual assistant Alexa. But even this device sometimes behave like they are worthless and that is the reason why the number of users is complaining about Echo Dot Not Working.

There could be several reasons behind why your Echo Dot Not Working and in this article, we are going to discuss them all. Just be patient and read what we are trying to say.

We understand how bad you would feel at the time when you used to say the wake word and Alexa didn’t respond back.

You may be thinking that what is the benefit of spending a lot of money on such devices but let us tell you that there is nothing like that.

For Any Issue Related To Echo, Alexa App Helpline is Round The Clock Available for You.

Steps To Troubleshoot Echo Dot Not Working

Issue With Light Ring

Till the time you didn’t say the wake word, the Alexa will behave like its dead but when you would say the wake word a light will glow on the light ring and then Alexa responds back.

But in several cases, the light ring suddenly glows and for each color lighting, there could be several reasons.

Spinning Violet:

If you see the spinning violet color on the light ring then there is an issue related to the internet connection

Solid Red:

It means that your Alexa is not listening to any of the commands. And the reason behind the same could be that you forget to turn ON your microphone.

Spinning Orange:

You will see this light when you are not connected with any of the networks.

Echo Dot Is Not Connecting With Wifi

Echo Dot Is Not Connecting With Wifi

In case you have found that your Echo Dot is not connecting with the wifi then you have to power recycle your Echo dot, router, and modem. If that will not work then there are possibilities that the distance between the Echo Dot and router is much and that’s the reason why it is not responding. Hence put your Echo Dot near to the router or vise Versa.

Notifications Are Too Loud

If you have found that the notifications are too loud then just open the Alexa app and down the volume from there and you will find that the issue of Echo Dot Not Working got fully resolved.

Alexa Customer Service

Apart from the above-mentioned issue, there could be several more and one of which is Alexa Offline.

For all such trouble, there is only one permanent solution and that is Alexa Customer services. You just have to dial their helpline numbers and their technicians will look into the matter to troubleshoot the issue.

All the technicians working there are smart and well experienced hence you could trust them.

They have already solved a number of these cases. Hence for them to solve the trouble related to Alexa is nothing.

So without going in deep just call them now!

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