How To Update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot

Update Firmware

Update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot is required to enable your device to receive the newly released features. Although, Echo dot device is programmed to download firmware updates automatically. But in some wired cases it fails to perform this job. 


While your Echo dot remains connected to wi-fi, it will keep checking and getting the latest Alexa updates. In case you are curious to accelerate the process and want to update the echo dot manually; you can do that even. 


This article will describe “How To Update Firmware on the Amazon Echo Dot” in easy steps. 


How to Update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot:

There are two possible ways to update firmware on echo dot. We will be explaining all one by one and solve the issues on: how to update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot. 


Let’s Start Rolling the Ball!!


Method1: Let Alexa update Echo Dot Firmware for you

Alexa is good at performing her routine job to check and downloading all available updates. Every night it checks for any updates and downloads it without your knowledge. If some day time you want to check the current status of your installed firmware on Echo dot then follows these below-given steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Select Settings from the main menu
  • Select your Echo Dot Device
  • Go to the “About” option
  • Check the Software Version.
  • Cross-check this with amazon Alexa official website.
  • TIP: If your installed firmware version is different from the amazon site then you need to update your installed version. 
  • Mute your Echo device by pressing the “Mute” button on it. 
  • The Echo dot Ring light will turn Red. 
  • Leave your Echo Dot device in the muted state for about an hour.
  • Let it stay connected to the internet.
  • Alexa will check and download the available Echo dot firmware for you. 
  • In the meanwhile do not even poke Alexa. 

Once your Echo Dot firmware update completes; your device will reboot and start working usually.


Unable to get back Alexa Offline to Online status?


Method 2: Update Echo Dot Firmware Manually

If you have trust issues with Alexa, you can take up updating the echo dot firmware endeavor manually as well. Do the following to get the latest Update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot.

  • Make sure Echo Dot is turned On and connected to a wi-fi network
  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile.
  • Go to Devices and click on your Echo dot.
  • Next, deregister Echo Dot from the Alexa App.
  • Turn off your Echo Dot and turn back on after a gap of 1 minute.
  • Do not disturb or command the Echo dot for the next one hour.
  • The blue ring light will turn green and start spinning (this indicates your Echo Dot is updating.)
  • Once the device updates, it will reboot on its own. 
  • You may need to do Alexa echo set up again. Click here to get step by step instructions on “Alexa Setup“.
  • Perform initial setup with the Alexa app and the Echo Dot.
  • Again register your device with the Alexa app. 
  • Connect to a wi-fi network and your Dot is ready to use again.


Golden Tips To Update Firmware on Amazon Echo Dot

While taking up an echo dot firmware update job, you should take care of certain things. Here is the list for the same.

  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection.
  • Reduce network congestion by removing other devices (not in use) from the network for the time being.
  • Keep the minimum distance between all these Alexa, Echo and route; To ensure strong and uninterrupted signal strength.
  • Do not download any other application or software at other connected device (in the same network)
  • If you Echo won’t update firmware itself; you can set the network profile in the Alexa app manually.
  • Check and set the correct values for the router’s IP address, subnet mask, and DNS servers. If required, seek an expert’s help at Amazon Alexa Helpline Number

You can go with either of the above-described methods to update your dot firmware. In case you get stuck at any stage, you can contact the Alexa experts by dialing the Alexa Customer Service Number. 

The experts can fix any problems you are facing with Alexa echo setup or updating firmware. Dial toll-free Alexa Helpline Numbers to get instant help!!


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