Helpful Fixations When Alexa Not Discovering Devices

Helpful fixations when Alexa

Alexa is quite versatile and can be connected to various devices to step up your life but sometimes it shows Alexa not discovering devices error. Linking smart home devices with Alexa makes it easy to operate.


Alexa becomes your one-man army to rule all devices with single voice command only.


But the entire idea will prove to be an end of the rainbow if your Alexa not discovering devices. And it happens in real life. Many a time, people complain about their Alexa not identifying the devices. 


Main reason for Alexa isn’t discovering devices is that your device is not compatible with Alexa and it connected to the different WiFi network.


This article will help you rectify Alexa. Read the post carefully to learn various things you should try to fix this situation. Trying these suggestions will make your Alexa get connected to other devices. 


Main Reason For Alexa Not Discovering The Smart Device

  • Make sure that the device is compatible with the network you are trying to connect it with.
  • When the device is not connect to the same network, then you can face this issue.
  • Make sure that the smart device you are trying to connect is also set up first.
  • You might face these issues when the firmware of the smart device is not updated.
  • When Alexa is muted, then it can easily trigger this issue.
  • Make sure that the device name you kept is easy to pronounce and understand by the device.

These are some of the causes of the issue. Now you know the causes, let us now process to the troubleshooting steps.


Troubleshooting Steps for Alexa Not Discovering the Device

Some 6 fixation Steps here describe below, when Alexa not discovering the device:


Fixation1: Check the Device Compatibility

  • Start with confirming if Alexa not discovering devices, then check your device is compatible with Alexa or not? Trying to connect any device that is not technically compatible with Alexa won’t give you any success. 
  • Amazon has published a list of the compatible device with Alexa Echo; you can check that on its official website. 
  • At times a bridge such as the SmartThings or Wink hub can work as a lifesaver for you. There is another Alexa official application “Alexa IFTTT channel” that helps you to bridge these compatibility gaps. 
  •  You need to register an account with “Alexa IFTTT channel” before you start discovering for other devices. 
  • If you need further assistance on this; you can talk to experts available at Amazon Echo Customer Service


Fixation2: Check the Wi-Fi Connectivity

To let Alexa work with other devices; it is vital that both should be add to the same wi-fi network. Did you check this? Not sure? No problem, follow the below-given steps to verify this criterion.

  • Click on the “Device” icon
  • Select your device by tapping on its name.
  • Click on the “Change” option, next to the “Wi-Fi.”
  • To update the wi-fi connection; follow the on-screen instructions.  


Fixation3: Check Alexa Firmware Update

No need to mention but make sure you are abreast with update Alexa firmware version. Because if it Working with old version can result in many Alexa problems such as :

And the list could go long.  Keep a check on available Alexa firmware & software updates. Deferring this task will make you suffer unexpectedly. 


Fixation4: Did You Add Alexa skill? 

  • You need to add specific Alexa skills whenever you look up to add some new functionality to it. Enabling Alexa skill is as easy as making your coffee. 
  • If you haven’t added the Alexa skill required to let this device function properly with Alexa; you will face the problem. The result could also be encountering “Alexa not discovering device” situation. 
  • Explore the Amazon and look for the required Alexa skill. Enable it, and you are good to go. After restarting your Alexa try to discover the device again. Most probably, you will get success. 


Click here to read the full article on “how to Add Alexa skills? 


Fixation5: Rename your Device

  • Similar words can confuse Alexa at times. Say you are trying to add “LightOne” to Alexa. The app for “LightOne” is name as “LightOne.” 
  • Now, this may make Alexa mistake to look for other light related commands. We usual ask Alexa to turn on the lights or turn off the lights. 
  • Now, when a particular skill having the same common word (as its name) is enabled in Alexa; she may get boggled. 
  • To make Alexa better understand the newly added skill, you better change the name of your device. Once you change the name, try to add your smart home device again to Alexa. She surely will discover & recognize your device. 


Fixation6: Clear Voice Recording History 

  • Whatever you say to Alexa; it’s been recorded with her. No matter since how long you have been talking to her. The entire conversation will be recorded until to delete it. 
  • Having so much stored with her confuses Alexa at times. Despite the device is within range; Alexa will refuse to find it. In some weird cases, people reported that Alexa discovered and added the device but not responding for c connectivity. 
  • For example, the Hue is showing up in Alexa devices list, but Alexa is saying, “Sorry, I didn’t find a device named Hue.”
  • You should delete your entire voice recording history from Alexa memory. Get further details on this while speaking to experts at Alexa App Help desk.


Alexa Help: Amazon Alexa Set Up Customer Service Number

If none of these suggestions worked for you; you can speak to experts. Our toll-free Alexa Helpline Numbers +1 844-601-7233 are 24×7 operational.


Connecting to us will get you prompt assistance for all Alexa errors. 

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