How To Fix Alexa Not Connecting To Ring Doorbell

Alexa Not Connecting To Ring Doorbell

The ring Doorbell is going to make it easy for you to know whether or not there is anyone outside your home. You can use the cross-function to manage all the visitors by viewing them through the Ring doorbell camera.


You can communicate through the Amazon show’s microphone. With the help of Amazon Alexa, you do not have to use your hands. But there are at times when you will face a situation where Alexa not connecting to ring doorbell.


There are certain reasons why that might have been happening. In order to dig deeper, we must know the causes that might be resulting in this error.


Also, you must set up. This ensures that even if you are not able to find the cause, you might be able to resolve it well. The setup process may feel like a daunting task but you do not have to panic and just follow the steps to fix Alexa won’t connect to ring the doorbell. Make sure that you are not following the issue of Alexa not connecting to ring doorbell otherwise, you won’t be able to follow the process.


The process of the setup is just going to take a few minutes. Well, are you ready to know the process? Well, follow the steps that have been mentioned below.


Steps to Fix Alexa Not Connecting To Ring Doorbell


Install the Amazon Alexa App:

  • The Amazon app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. When you have the app, make sure that you are using the latest version. If not, then you must run the update in order to make sure that the app is current.
  • Many mobile devices offer automatic app updates so that you never miss a step.
  • You must be able to find this option in the settings folder of the tablet. When you see that the Amazon app is installed, you need to open it and then log in with the Amazon credentials.
  • From there you need to click on the three white lines that are present in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This is going to open up a menu of options. Through this, a set of useful features can be added to the echo.


Find the Right Skill in the Amazon Alexa App:

  • After that, make sure that you tap on the glass icon in the upper right-hand corner in order to open up the search function. Well, in the search bar, you need to enter the ring and then click on the search option.
  • After that, the first result that comes up shall be the rink skill. Then you need to tap on the ring skill. This is going to open up a new page where you’ll be able to learn more about the skill and install it on your Amazon Echo. in order to begin setting up the process, you need to enable the skill on the screen.


Enable the Ring Skill and the Sync of Two Devices:

  • When you click on the enable skill, you will be redirected to the Ring login page. Make sure that you must enter the email address and the password associated with the ring account in order to finish the linking of the Amazon Echo with the smart doorbell.
  • When you have logged into the ring through the Amazon Alexa app, then you will see a page that is asking you to allow access to the Ring doorbell. Then you need to click on the authorize option in order to give it the green light.
  • The next page is going to confirm that the ring doorbell is now linked successfully with the Amazon Echo.
  • When you sign in successfully, then the app is going to prompt you to discover the ring devices.
  • After that click, the option of discovering devices button in order make the Ring doorbell findable.
  • Your doorbell is automatically going to connect with the Echo. Although it can take 20-30 seconds or more for the ring in order to show up in the Amazon Alexa app. If you later want to disconnect your smart doorbell from Alexa, then click on the right side of the screen.


Setup Doorbell Chime Notifications on the Echo:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app again and then tap on the devices in the lower right-hand corner. This is the icon that is too similar to the house. Then at the top of the screen, you need to click on All devices.
  • The moment you are on the all devices page within the Amazon Alexa app and then scroll until you see the Ring Doorbell camera listed and then click on it. There is a small camera icon that is present very next to the doorbell.
  • The next screen is going to contain all the notifications options that you can turn on and off. For example, if you are looking for your Amazon echo to Alert you anytime when there is a movement on the door, then turn on the motion announcements. For the doorbell alerts, you must turn on the doorbell press.


These steps will fix the issue of Echo won’t connect to ring doorbell.


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At the End

Well, this way you can set up the Alexa doorbell. If you are still facing issues related to the Echo not connecting to ring doorbell, well then do not worry and get in touch with our experts.


They will provide you with the best and the simple solutions to fix Alexa not connecting to ring doorbell.

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