Alexa Green Ring Mean: How to Disable It?

Alexa Green Ring Mean

There is an Alexa device in most houses across the country these days. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Echo as your primary speaker, a Dot in your bedroom, or a smart speaker in your kitchen or bathroom. These devices bring music to our ears and remind us that yet another delivery is on its way. Sometimes users also witness Alexa Green’s ring or Alexa green light.


Many of us are unsure of what it means when we see a flashing green light pulsing or spinning. The green light appearing in the ring is one of these features that confuse users.


Alexa Green Ring or Alexa Green light or Echo Dot Green Ring Meaning?

Our Echo devices will show a green ring if you have an incoming call or drop-in. Green lights also vary on whether a call is incoming or if you are on a call. We can also get more information on this in this article.


Reason Behind: Why is My Alexa Green Ring on Echo Dot?

The primary reason is incoming calls or drops in. When we get an incoming call, it starts pulsing a green ring. It tells us that there is a call for us or a drop-in. We must take the call or ask Alexa to end the call.


What is the Drop-in Feature?

A new feature of Amazon Alexa is drop-in. You can call each other if you have multiple Echo devices in your home. What’s the point of standing at the bottom of the stairs and shouting up when you can just call with your Echo? With an Echo or Echo Dot, you can make an audio call with other Echo users, and with an Echo Show, you can make a video call. For a video call, both of us will need an Echo Show. We can also make calls from outside our homes with the help of an Alexa device.


When our friends have an Echo device and they enable Alexa calling or messaging, we can quickly call them instead of phones. It has become easy with the Alexa app. There is a need to ask, simply, Alexa to drop in and provide your friend’s name. It starts with the call, and you will chat as much as you want.


Different types of Alexa Green Ring Flashing on Echo dot and Meaning?

The meaning of the Echo Dot’s green ring is that there is a notification for an incoming call. We can either see a clockwise spinning green light or a pulsing or flashing green light. Every light has a slightly different meaning.


Pulsing Green Ring

It shows that we are getting a call and someone is dropping in. There is a need to answer Alexa and connect to the caller, and now the light also disappears. When there is a screen on the Echo device, it also shows the name of the caller. Sometimes it shows unknown or unsaved numbers. We can say “drop the call” or “decline” it.


We can also save it. Once the call ends, the green light will stop pulsing. We will successfully dodge another call. Sometimes we aren’t home, then Echo is turned on, then the green light starts pulsing. When it completes ten rings, the light will automatically stop pulsing.


Spinning Green Ring

It means there is an active call or drop-in. It spins clockwise until the call duration. When we call it an end, it stops flashing. When Alexa hangs up or ends the call with the Alexa app, it also spins a green light.


How to Disable the Flashing Green Ring on the Echo Device

We must disconnect our phone calls from Alexa and this feature to stop our echo from showing the green light. Here we explore the way to disable Alexa Green Ring or How to Turn off the Green light on Alexa.

  • We can open the Alexa app on our smartphones.
  • Here we click on three horizontal lines located in the top left corner.
  • We must choose the settings and device settings. Now select the Amazon Alexa device. There is a need to scroll and search for these settings.
  • We need to choose communication and tap on it.
  • Toggle it off.
  • Its colors change to gray, so don’t worry.
  • It stops flashing green when there are incoming calls or drop-ins.

By using these steps, we can easily disable the Echo Dot green ring. It is also vital for us to follow each step accurately.


Troubleshooting Steps to Solve the Alexa Echo green ring issues

We can also fix the Echo Dot green ring problem. It becomes easy for us to stop Alexa’s green ring. Let us check these steps:


Restart the Smart Device Alexa or Echo

We can restart our Amazon Alexa device to fix the existing Echo Dot green ring problem. It is also the type of magic tip that solves the problem in a few minutes. It is imperative to unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet or the back of the device to restart your device properly. Plug the power adapter back in after waiting at least 10 seconds. It resolves Alexa’s green ring issue.


Reboot Your WiFi Router

Sometimes our internet network is slow or poor. Alexa’s green ring is pulsing regularly on our Echo Dot. Alexa’s green ring can disappear by rebooting the router. Reboot your router after unplugging it. After waiting at least 12 seconds, plug in the wire and turn on your device. You can resolve the issue with this simple step.


Keep the Alexa Near WiFi router

There are times when our device is placed far away from the router. A stuck green light is resulting from the device not catching up with the Wi-Fi signal. When our device is placed far away from the router. It cannot catch wifi signals properly. We need to place our Alexa device in the right location so it is easily getting an internet network.


Alexa Setup Help

When we use the above methods to fix the Echo Dot ring, we are not successful. The last way is to call Alexa helpline experts who will quickly guide you and resolve the problem. They will provide these services 24*7. We can also clear our other doubts regarding Alexa green ring from them.


Final Words

We can easily manage Alexa Echo Dot devices. There are different types of lights on it and it shows different meanings. We must know it accurate meaning of lights. Alexa’s green ring tells us about our incoming calls. We can also disable them perfectly. It is also essential for us to fix them quickly if it is continuously pulsing.


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