Guide on How to Fix Alexa Orange Light Issue

Alexa Orange Light

Users can see the multiple Alexa ring light on their Echo Dot. Every ring light has different meanings, so users must understand them properly. The Alexa orange light indicates that Alexa is actively listening to your voice commands. It is a signal that Alexa is ready to respond to a voice command. The orange light turns off when Alexa responds to your command.


The Alexa orange ring light indicates that Alexa is actively processing your command and searching for a response. It also stays on until Alexa finishes answering and stops listening to your voice. This orange light is a vital visual cue that alerts you that Alexa is ready and waiting for your command. The Alexa orange light blinks continuously from time to time, so it is necessary to fix it as soon as possible. Various reasons lead to this issue. Here is how to resolve the Alexa orange ring light issue so that you can use it properly.


Reasons For the Alexa Orange Light Issue

An Alexa orange light shows that the device is having trouble connecting to the wireless network. This is because the orange light shows that the device can’t establish a strong connection to the wireless network, so it is establishing a weaker connection. Alexa’s right orange light spins multiple times. The first time you unbox your Echo, the Echo Dot, and then when you pair the device with Wi-Fi, among others. Here you can check the various causes of the issue.

  • Your Echo device is in setup mode and is waiting for a WiFi connection.
  • When your Amazon device is having difficulties connecting to your Wi-Fi network or if there is no active Internet connection on the network.
  • There is a problem with the device. The device is not functioning properly, and when it is turned on, it produces unexpected results or does not produce the expected results. This indicates that there is an issue with the device that needs to be addressed.
  • Alexa is paired with the network. It occurs because of various factors, including incorrect connection settings, a weak or interrupted network connection, or outdated software. The device needs to be reset or there is an issue with the network itself that needs to be looked into.
  • Network changes occur when Wi-Fi is changed.
  • The wireless device has trouble connecting to the network.
  • Your smartphone’s date or time is incorrect.
  • Sometimes users use outdated versions of their devices.

After knowing the reasons for the Alexa orange light you can quickly start fixing the issue.


Methods to Fix Alexa Orange Light Issue

It is always critical to look for effective ways to fix Alexa’s orange light. One way to fix the orange light is to unplug the device and plug it back in. This is a simple and quick way to reset the device and ‌fix the problem. Another way is to use the Alexa app. Through the app, you can reboot the device, check for software updates, and even reset the device to its factory settings if needed. Here are some methods you can use to fix the problem:


Complete Alexa Setup

It is also imperative to complete the Alexa setup properly so the Alexa orange ring issue does not occur. You can follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  • It is simple to set up your Echo device for the first time.
  • Plug your speaker into a power outlet.
  • If you have not downloaded the Alexa App yet, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and register an account. Once the orange light ring spins, open the Alexa App. To get a ‌signal, you can close the speaker when setting it up. If you are in another room, you can’t pick up the signal.
  • An Echo device appears on the screen at this point. On the right, click the plus icon, then Devices at the bottom. Select Add Device from the menu.
  • You can configure Amazon Echo devices by clicking Amazon Echo and then selecting the type of device you wish to configure. As soon as the App is launched, it will search for the device.
  • When you search for a network, you can configure its settings, or choose a previously configured network using the credentials you saved.
  • It takes a few moments for the orange ring to disappear, and Alexa works properly.


Changes to Your WiFi Network

An orange flashing light also appears after setting up your Amazon Alexa device. Using your Wi-Fi network, you can connect your Alexa device. When your Wi-Fi connection is disrupted for any reason, such as upgrading your router, changing the network name, or changing your password. The orange flashing light indicates that your Alexa device is not connected to your Wi-Fi network. Reconnecting your device and ensures that your Alexa is up to date and receives new updates.


It allows to access the internet for streaming music, providing information, and more. When the orange light flashes again, you will notice it. Your Echo device can be connected to your new Wi-Fi network by following the steps below.

  • On the top right, choose Change from the Alexa app’s Wi-Fi network settings.
  • When you hold the action button on the Echo device, the device will be reset.
  • You can enter the credentials for the new or updated Wi-Fi network.

An Echo device with a weak signal may occasionally show the orange light, which disappears by itself. It is beyond the range of the router. A network with too many devices causes congestion. It also depends on the situation, upgrading your hardware or reducing the number of connected devices is necessary to improve your Wi-Fi signal. When there are too many devices attached to the router, the Wi-Fi signal can become weak, leading to slow speeds and not reliable connections.


This can lead to the orange light on the Echo device indicating that it is out of range. By upgrading the router or reducing the number of connected devices, you can increase the signal strength and prevent the Alexa orange light from appearing.


Check the Date and Time

Your phone’s time and date are often messed up by the Alexa App. Alexa’s orange ring malfunctions if the date or time is incorrect. For this reason, you can set your time and date to automatic to prevent conflicts. This is because the Alexa App relies on the date and time being set correctly to function properly. If the date and time are off, the App can’t access the internet or other services, and this can cause problems with Alexa’s orange lights.


Check the Compatibility of Your Device

Ensure your smartphone meets the minimum requirements for running the Alexa app. You can only use Alexa on smart devices with iOS 11.0+, Android 6.0+, or Fire OS 5.3.3+ or higher. If your device does not satisfy the requirements, you can change it. If it does, proceed to the next fix. This is critical because the Alexa app needs certain features and capabilities to run. Your device must provide these for the app to work properly. If your device does not meet the requirements, you will need a new one to use Alexa.


Uninstall the Alexa App

You can also uninstall Alexa from your smartphone if you can’t fix the Alexa orange light problem. After that, reinstall the app from a reliable source. Uninstalling the app will delete any settings you made, so you need to go through the setup process again when reinstalling the app. However, it will also reset the app, which sometimes fixes the Alexa orange light issue. To uninstall the app, follow these steps:

  • Go to your smartphone’s Google Play Store and open the app.
  • Select the installed apps tab.
  • Click on the Alexa App, and then click the Uninstall button.

After this, you can check whether the Alexa orange ring issue is fixed.


Use Alexa Website For Setup Alexa

When setting up Alexa on a smartphone fails, you can use a web browser instead. The following steps will guide you through setting up the Alexa device on the website. The web browser allows you to access the Alexa setup page. It contains all the instructions needed to connect your device to your home network and configure it. You can also use the browser to adjust settings, add new features, and customize your Alexa experience.

  • Users can access the official Alexa website easily.
  • To log in, you will need your credentials.
  • In the user interface, click on the settings menu.
  • To configure the device, follow the steps carefully.

It helps you fix the Alexa orange light issue.


Bottom Line

You can quickly use the above methods to fix Alexa orange light issue. It is also imperative for users to complete the Alexa setup perfectly, so it helps reduce the chance of error. There is also a need to check the compatibility of your device so the Alexa orange ring problem not occur.

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