Best Methods To Fix Amazon Firestick Not Working

Amazon Firestick Not Working

You can easily use the Amazon Firestick, and in terms of reliability, the Firestick is pretty good. There are no moving parts in this small gadget, so it’s quite durable. Picking up your remote, you navigate to the recently launched video-on-demand app you’ve been enjoying.


It dawns on you that your Amazon Firestick not working because it doesn’t respond. There’s nothing pleasant about this situation. It is imperative for you to fix the Amazon Fire stick not loading home. In this article, we can discuss why is my firestick not working, and its solutions, so you can quickly fix it.


Main reason For Amazon Firestick Not Working

There are various causes for the Amazon Firestick not working. It is also crucial to know the specific reasons for the issue so you can quickly fix it. When you use Amazon Firestick, you can face different types of problems, such as when Amazon Firestick is not working. Here, you can check the causes of the current issue.


Connection Issues

The primary reason for the current issue is your network. There is also the chance of a weak signal or an incorrect password for your internet connection. It is also vital to fix the problem quickly.


Software Updates

When your Firestick is not up-to-date with the latest software update, it may start malfunctioning. To check for updates, users can go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates. When there’s an update available, install it and restart your device.



When your Firestick overheats, it may stop working. This is because the Firestick is designed to shut itself off if it gets too hot. The internal temperature of the device can get too high when it is used for long periods or when it is placed in an area with poor air circulation. To prevent this, make sure your device is placed in a well-ventilated area and not covered by objects or cloth.


App Issues

If a particular app on your Firestick is not working, it may be due to the app itself. The app is updated, but the Firestick runs an older version. The Firestick also needs enough space to store the app, and if it runs low on space, it can malfunction. Users can try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the Amazon App store.


Hardware Issues

There is also the chance of hardware issues with your Firestick, so your Amazon Firestick not working. This can happen when the Firestick hardware becomes outdated or starts to experience wear and tear due to frequent use. This can cause the device to become sluggish, freeze, or even crash.


Dead Batteries

Dead batteries are also the reason the Amazon Firestick is not working. When you use old batteries in the Firestick remote, sometimes it doesn’t work properly because the battery is dead. As batteries naturally lose their charge over time, the lack of power can cause the remote to malfunction. This is especially true if the batteries have been in the remote for longer than the recommended amount of time. Also, the remote’s signal can be blocked or weakened if the batteries are low on charge. Batteries need to be changed quickly.


Defect in Your Firestick Remote

The problem occurs because of a faulty connection between the remote and the Firestick. It happens due to either a worn-out battery or a problem with the circuit board inside the remote. This can be caused by the IR signal not transmitting properly. This can be due to a worn-out battery, which is resolved by replacing it, or a problem with the circuit board, which needs a technician to diagnose and repair.


Troubleshooting Steps: Amazon Firestick is Not Working

It is also crucial for users to fix the Amazon Firestick not working so there is a need to use proven methods. A restart of your Fire TV Stick and sometimes your router can resolve many of the most common problems. There are several solutions you can try to fix your problem, depending on what you are experiencing. Factory resets can resolve many issues by completely wiping the device. In this article, we discuss many common problems related to the Amazon Firestick as well as solutions to Amazon Firestick not working.


A restart is the most effective way to fix a problem with your Firestick. Using the remote or the settings menu is one way to do this. It is also a good idea to restart your WiFi router, which will solve many common problems. In most cases, restoring your device to factory settings is the last resort if none of these solutions work.


The setup process needs to be repeated, and any Fire Stick channels or installed applications may need to be reinstalled. You have the highest chance of fixing stubborn problems this way. Here you can the various problems of Amazon Firestick not working and its solutions.


Firestick Is Showing a Blank Screen

A blank screen on your Firestick for more than a few minutes and no response when pressing a button indicates something is wrong. There are a variety of technical issues, such as a dead battery or an issue with the device’s software or hardware. It is imperative to rule out these possibilities before assuming it is a problem with the Firestick itself. You can use the below methods to solve the problem of the Amazon Firestick is not working.


Restart the Fire Stick

It is a good idea to restart the device first. For this, hold down the “select” and “play/pause” buttons for a few seconds without accessing the settings screen. You can release the buttons once you see the Fire TV logo.


Check Your Batteries

You may need to replace the batteries in the Fire Stick remote if the device does not reboot. To work properly, the Alexa-enabled remote requires strong batteries instead of IR like a traditional remote. The Alexa-enabled remote requires strong batteries because the Alexa voice commands require a much larger amount of energy than regular IR commands. Without strong batteries, the device won’t be able to receive the Alexa commands properly and will not work correctly.


Check the HDMI Connection

Lastly, make sure that the HDMI port on your TV is properly connected to the device. Using third-party cables is not recommended by Amazon. It is recommended to use the cable that comes with your Firestick device. A smart idea is to try different HDMI ports on your TV if it has more than one.


Firestick Isn’t Responding

The Firestick can display fine but not respond to the remote control. Your TV and Firestick are likely not experiencing any connection issues, so trying a different HDMI port will not help. Instead, try unplugging the Firestick from the power source for a few seconds, then plug it back in. The following methods can also be used to fix Amazon Firestick not working.


Check the Batteries

Make sure the Firestick’s batteries are fresh if it isn’t responding to the remote. Old batteries may be causing problems with the Alexa remote because the Bluetooth connection uses more power than a standard remote.


Restart the Fire Stick

Your next step is to restart the device. You can see a warning when the device is about to reboot when you hold down the “select” and “play or pause” buttons for a few seconds. When the device has restarted, the warning will disappear. Once it is gone, the device is ready to use. As of now, you can check whether the problem with Amazon Firestick is not working is solved or not.


Unplug the Firestick

You can force the device to restart if the restart command doesn’t work with fresh batteries. You just need to unplug it and let it sit for a minute before plugging it back in. Upon plugging it back in, you can see the Fire TV logo.


Fix Screen Mirroring Issues

Miracast is still unreliable even now, more than a decade after it was released. Your device cannot support it, even if you can access it. To give your device the best chance, you can do a few things. Make sure your device is running the latest operating system, and has the latest updates. If it still doesn’t work, try disabling any antivirus software you may be running. If it still doesn’t work, you need to get a different device that is compatible with Miracast. You can also use the below methods to solve the Amazon Firestick is not working.


Turn On “Enable Display Mirroring”

Open the “display and sounds” tab in the Fire TV device settings. It will be easier to find your Fire TV if you enable display mirroring. To enable display mirroring, select the ‘Enable Display Mirroring’ option. When you have enabled it, you will be able to see your Fire TV device on other compatible devices. Once enabled, you can easily manage and control your Fire TV device.


Use the Same WiFi Network

Make sure your Firestick and the device you’re mirroring are on the same WiFi network. A 30-foot distance is also recommended by Amazon for devices. Make sure your TV and Firestick are connected to the same HDMI port. Then, open the display or projector settings on your device and select Firestick as the source. You can also check whether the Amazon Firestick is not working is fixed or not.


Update Your Devices

It can cause Firestick mirroring issues if either device isn’t up-to-date, so make sure you update both your Fire TV and other devices. Firestick mirroring is a feature that allows one device to display the content of another device. If either device isn’t up-to-date, they won’t be able to communicate with each other properly, which can cause issues such as lagging and buffering.


Firestick Buffering Issues

For streaming 1080p content, you’ll need at least 5 Mbps, and for 4K, you’ll need at least 15 Mbps. To fix buffering issues on your Firestick, follow these steps. As a result, hopefully, the connection will improve.


Run Speed Tests

It is also vital to check speed by running a speed test. Amazon Fire TV has a speed test option in its settings. You can test your WiFi connection on any device connected to your WiFi.

  • Restart Fire TV Stick and WiFi Router
  • It is possible to restart both your Fire TV device and your WiFi router at the same time.


Move the Fire Stick and Router Closer Together

As soon as you have placed the Firestick near your router, you can turn it on. It is necessary to remove any obstructions between the Firestick and the router.


Fire Stick App Crashes

Individual apps on a Firestick can crash the entire device. This can happen because of a lack of available memory or a bug in the app’s code. It can also occur if the Firestick is running outdated software, which can cause compatibility issues. There is a need to follow the below methods to solve Amazon Firestick not working.


Use the Right Power Cord and Adapter

A USB power supply can be used to power the Firestick, but a power adapter and power cord are included. It is possible for apps to crash or the Firestick to freeze when using a third-party power adapter. Use an adapter that delivers at least 5V and 1A if you are using a third-party one.


Reinstall, Restart & Update Software

The “My Fire TV” settings menu also allows you to uninstall and reinstall broken apps, then restart the Firestick. Whenever there is an issue with outdated software, you should also check for updates.


Try a Factory Reset

A factory reset is the last resort for your Fire device. Under “My Fire TV” in the settings, you can reset the Amazon Fire Stick completely. Using the Firestick requires you to repeat the entire setup process.


Fire TV Stick Not Connecting

When only your Firestick can’t connect to the internet, it can be a router problem. Your Amazon Firestick is not working properly because of a poor connection between it and your router. Check out the below steps to solve the issue.


Restart the Router

It is a good idea to restart your WiFi router first. Unplugging the router and letting it sit for about a minute is usually the easiest way to do this. You can then plug it back in and wait for it to boot up. Restart your Firestick while you’re waiting for this.


Forget the WiFi Network

When both devices restart but the Firestick still can’t connect to WiFi, go to the “network” settings page and click the menu button, which is three horizontal lines, to forget your network. To reconnect to the network, sign back in.


Move the Firestick and Router Closer Together

Move your router and Firestick closer together if your Firestick doesn’t see your WiFi at all. Any object between them, especially anything metal, needs to be removed.


Check Router Compatibility

Make sure your WiFi router is compatible with your Fire TV. Routers use the 802.11 LAN standard, and all Firesticks are compatible with older routers. Firesticks that are older will have trouble connecting to 802.11ax or 802.11b routers. You can check this by pressing the Windows key and the “R” button, then typing “cmd” and hitting enter. Check the router’s 802.11 type with the “netsh wlan show interfaces” command at the command prompt. It is also important to check whether Amazon Firestick not working is solved or not.


Fire TV Remote Not Responding

Our focus has mostly been on the actual Fire TV devices, but you may encounter a remote issue. Here are three tips you can try if this happens to you. Be sure to check the batteries first. Second, try resetting the remote by pressing and holding the Home button for a few seconds.


Use New Batteries

A Fire TV remote uses Bluetooth, not infrared, like a standard remote. In this way, Alexa voice control is possible between the two devices. The remote’s power consumption is higher, so it consumes batteries more quickly.


Reconnect the Fire TV Remote

Reconnect your Fire device with the remote by holding the “home” button for 10 seconds. You can also navigate to the “settings” menu on your phone and select “add new remote” in the “controllers and Bluetooth devices” section. Now you can check the issue of Amazon Firestick is not working is fixed or not.


Restart the Firestick

Unplugging the device might work if this doesn’t work. Try resetting the device to factory settings as well. Your phone can control the Firestick, so you can adjust the settings.


How to Contact Amazon Fire Stick Customer Services

When you are facing the Amazon Firestick not working error, there is a need to contact Amazon Fire Stick customer services. You can approach them at any time and get instant solutions.


Final Words

You can quickly solve the Amazon Firestick not working issue with the above steps. Most of the time users face the above-mentioned problems with their Firestick. They can use their best ways and quickly solve the issue. It is also important for users to change the batteries of the Fire Stick remote frequently and place their devices perfectly.


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