Simple Step to Fix: Alexa Routines Not Working?

Alexa Routines Not Working

You might be eager to know what all the functionalities the Alexa can perform beyond controlling the smart home device, playing music for you, and scheduling the calendar events.

Well, there is another feature named Alexa Routines, that has taken the masses and has changed various things as well.


What are Alexa Routines?

Well, Alexa routines are going to allow you to bundle together and automate various tasks by using a single voice command. In other words, what you can do is create the list of actions that are going to play after completing the first one.


Well, when do you want to use the Alexa routines is the ultimate question. It is very important to understand the scenarios in which they’re going to be very effective. Well, the routines feature can prove to be very best in automating a series of tasks that you are going to do every day.


Well, when you wake up, you might ask the Alexa device to turn the device on the lights and then read out your whole calendar and then play the one song that you love. When you create Alexa routines, you are rattling off a series of events just like the ones mentioned above in order to get ready for the day.


Now What You can do is sit back and let Alexa take control.

There are at times though when the Alexa routines are not working. There are many reasons why the Alexa routines might not be working. Let us see what are the causes for Alexa Routines not working::


Causes for Alexa Routines Not Working

  • There are at times when you type in the right words.
  • You need to check if the Alexa is connected with all your routines.
  • When Alexa’s voice is not working.
  • When the internet is not working
  • Make sure that the routine is disabled.

Now that you know the causes of the issue, let us now see the steps for Alexa routines not working.


How to Fix: Alexa Routines Not Working

Step1: Check if the Routines are Correctly Written:
Step2: Try to Say the Trigger the Words if the Routine is Functional Again:
Step3: Check Whether or Not Alexa Echo is Connect to Routine:
Step4: Check the Sensors are Working?
Step5: How to Delete and Reinstall the Routine
Step6: Need to Reset the Alexa Echo device
Step7: Need to Call Alexa Expert


Step1: Check if the Routines are Correctly Written:

Well, it is very hard to believe but something as ignorant as wrong typing can easily affect the Alexa routine. Well, let us say for example, that you type the living room instead of the living room. Then Alexa might face some issues in distinguishing between the two.


The easiest way to make sure that spelling error is not responsible for routine not working is by opening the Alexa App and then following the steps below:

  • The first thing that you need to choose is the option of more from the menu.
  • Now select the routines and then choose your routines from the lot.
  • After that, you will be able to see the Alexa routine listed properly.
  • Well, you need to scroll through the list to ensure that there is no spelling or typo error.
  • If you see that there is some typo error, then select the routine that you like to edit by tapping on it.
  • After that, you need to fix the spelling of the routine.
  • After that allow for at least a minute for the new changes to be saved.
  • Then you need to try and say the trigger words in order to see if the routine is functional or not.


Step2: Try to Say the Trigger the Words if the Routine is Functional Again:

There are at times when your PC would freeze and you are going to unplug the CPU. When you are switching off the main power of the device manually, then it’s call the power cycle.


When you perform a power cycle on the echo device that might help you bring the Alexa routines back to life by getting rid of the firmware problems as well as hang ups in the device memory.


Here is how you can power cycle the echo:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the echo from its power source.
  • After that wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds and then plug the device back into the power source.
  • After that check to see if the routine is back online by saying the trigger words.


Alexa Routines Not Working

Step3: Check Whether or Not Alexa Echo is Connect to Routine:

Well, you need to connect multiple echo devices with the same Alexa account. Well, this is how most of the homes are going to operate. But the routines are often set up for the particular device as they operate in a room or any space.


You can also include 99 routines per account according to amazon. But if you are using multiple Echo devices in your home, then it is best to check which device is link to the routine whole you are trying to fix this issue.


Step4: Check the Sensors are Working?

The Alexa app is going to provide you with many options for triggering such as motion sensors, voice commands, alarms, sensors, etc. If you have selected the voice command, or have set up a motion sensor as your trigger, then the problems with the Alexa microphone or the sensor can result in the routine not working.


This is because your trigger is not doing what it is suppose to do. The solution to it is pretty simple. If you see that your trigger is a voice command, then you must check the functionality of the microphone by simply communicating with Alexa.


You can ask about the weather, time, or anything. If the Alexa is responding, then your microphone is working in order.


Step5: How to Delete and Reinstall the Routine

There are at times when deleting and installing the routine is going to take care of the system.


In order to Delete the routine-

  • Open the Alexa app and then press the more button.
  • Select the routines and then tap on your routines in order to access the routine that you would like to delete.
  • Select the routine that you want to delete and then tap the vertical ellipsis button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose the delete routine and you are done!

How to Reinstall a routine

  • Open the Alexa App and select more option and then tap on routine.
  • Press the Add (+ button) on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Next, type in the name of the routine and then select the trigger of choice from the When you say heading.
  • After that move on to the add action heading and then choose the actions that you want to be link to the routine
  • When you have edited the routine with your specifications, then press the enable on the top right corner of the screen in order to activate it.


Step6: Need to Reset the Alexa Echo device

Well, if you have tried all the steps mentioned above and your routine is still not working, then you need to reset the device.


Resetting the device is pretty straightforward and is going to erase all the saved data. But it will fix the issue most probably.


Step7: Need to Call Alexa Expert

If you have no luck in repairing it, then get in touch with our Alexa Helpline experts. They will provide you with the Alexa Troubleshooting steps and solutions!


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